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Chatterjee Tours & Travels is a full service travel agency dedicated in providing totally reliable and practical tour and travel solutions as it offers most competitive rates with best service in the market.

Chatterjee Tours & Travels we expertly handle domestic and International travel services, including airline, railway cruise reservations and money exchange services, we are specialized in customized tour, family tour, senior citizen tour, hotel accommodation as well as car rentals from mountain to sea.

Chatterjee Tours & Travels is a destination and tour packages travel agency in Kolkata specializing in leisure and tour package arrangements to India and worldwide. Chatterjee Tours & Travels well represented all the major travel fairs, trade shows in India.

About West Bengal

West Bengal has got heterogeneous geographical division with countless natural assets, stretching from Darjeeling Himalayan range of mountains in the north to the Gangetic Plain in the south, from quiet beaches across the coastal region to the world’s largest Delta which is also known for being the natural habitat of wild scarce species of Royal Bengal tigers at mangrove estuaries of Sundarbans, from green varied landscapes to vast historical events starting from ancient & classical period, medieval & early modern period, colonial period to independence and afterwards.

West Bengal produces several varieties of Handloom cotton and silk in the country which is a popular way of livelihood to the rural population of the state.

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